Business Design Competition Schedule

All meetings are Tuesdays at 6-8pm in the Simularium (E2-280 -- enter from courtyard)



Readings, Deliverables, etc

January 17


Introduction to Entrepreneurship (review)


Review of Course Rules, Materials and Deliverables

Rules Handbook,

Course Outline (this doc)

January 24


Overview: Five Stages of Creation: Ideation, Design, Development, Prototyping, Business Planning


Faculty & Researcher IP Pitches


January 31


Topics on Leadership


Student-generated Pitches


February 7


Organizational Structure and Design for Start-ups


SWOT Review

Final Team Formation

February 14


Business Design Template Review

Assignment of individual responsibilities


Company Handbook Review

Executive Summary, SWOT

February 21


Market Research and Company Branding

Employee/Company Handbook


February 28


Market Research and Company Branding (continued)

Product Prototypes &  Company Branding


March 6


Ideas – Who Owns What?

Founder’s Equity


Presentation Skills/Practice

Market Research & Focus Group Designs

March 13


Semi-Final Practice




Semi-Final Practice Presentation