Course Templates

The following templates will be useful for completing assignments in the course.


Pitch Deck #1

Use this template to pitch your idea for the purpose of attracting team mates. This is not necessarily the same pitch template you'll use for other audiences (like judges, etc.). This will be used in the first 2-3 weeks of the course.

Company Handbook

Each team is required to establish their own rules, or "governance policies" that define procedures for hiring, firing, roles, responsibilities, reporting structure, performance reviews, etc. This document is a template the illustrates the headings that will need to be filled in. We will go through examples in the course to allow your team to set its own policies on how to manage this processes. (If you're really interested in seeing a full fledged, industrial strength employee handbook, see this example.)

Executive Summary

This document is a template for the executive summary. Again, we'll go through this in class, but it'd be good to review the headings so you can anticipate the kind of information you need to think about.