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Publications and articles on entrepreneurship from UCSC faculty:

Robert W Fairlie
Department Chair
443 Engineering 2

Recent Research on Entrepreneurship

  • High-Technology Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley: Opportunities and Opportunity Costs PDF
  • Is Employer-Based Health Insurance a Barrier to Entrepreneurship?, (with KanikaKapur and Susan Gates), Journal of Health Economics, (forthcoming) PDF
  • Liquidity Constraints, Household Wealth, and Entrepreneurship Revisited (with Harry Krashinsky) PDF
  • The Impact of Contracting Set-Asides on Minority Business Ownership, (with Ronnie Chatterji and Kenneth Y. Chay). PDF
  • Indian Entrepreneurs in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom" (with Harry Krashinsky, Julie Zissimopoulos and Krishna Kumar) PDF
  • Capital Injections among New Black and White Business Ventures: Evidence from the Kauffman Firm Survey," (with Alicia Robb and David Robinson). PDF
  • Race and Entrepreneurial Success: Black-, Asian-, and White-Owned Businesses in the United States, MIT Press, 2008 (with Alicia Robb). Webpage
  • Mexican-American Entrepreneurship, B.E. Journals of Economic Analysis and Policy, Contributions, 2010(with Chris Woodruff) PDF
  • The International Asian Business Success Story? A Comparison of Chinese, Indian and Other Asian Businesses in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom,(with Julie Zissimopoulos and Harry Krashinsky) in International Differences in Entrepreneurship, 2010, eds. Josh Lerner and Antoinette Schoar, Chicago: University of Chicago Press and National Bureau of Economic Research, 179-208. PDF
  • Why Are Black-Owned Businesses Less Successful than White-Owned Businesses? The Role of Families, Inheritances, and Business Human Capital (with Alicia Robb).Journal of Labor Economics, 2007,25(2): 289-323 PDF
  • Gender Differences in Business Performance: Evidence from the Characteristics of Business Owners Survey, (with Alicia Robb), Small Business Economics, 2009. PDF
  • Determinants of Business Success: An Examination of Asian-Owned Businesses in the United States (with Alicia Robb). Journal of Population Economics, 2008, PDF
  • Families, Human Capital, and Small Business: Evidence from the Characteristics of Business Owners Survey (with Alicia Robb), Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2007, 60(2): 225-245 PDF
  • Estimating the Contribution of Immigrant Business Owners to the U.S. Economy, U.S. Small Business Administration Report PDF
  • Mexican Entrepreneurship: A Comparison of Self-Employment in Mexico and the United States (with Christopher Woodruff), Mexican Immigration, ed. George Borjas, Mexican Immigration, 2007, ed. George Borjas, Chicago: University of Chicago Press. PDF
  • Entrepreneurship among Disadvantaged Groups: An Analysis of the Dynamics of Self-Employment by Gender, Race and Education," Handbook of Entrepreneurship, Volume 2, eds. Simon C. Parker, Zoltan J. Acs, and David R. Audretsch, Springer 2006. PDF
  • Minority Entrepreneurship in The Small Business Economy 2005: A Report to the President, 2005, U.S. Small Business Administration, Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office. PDF
  • Entrepreneurship and Earnings among Young Adults from Disadvantaged Families, Small Business Economics, 2005 PDF
  • The Effect of Immigration on Native Self-Employment (with Bruce D. Meyer), Journal of Labor Economics, 2003. PDF
  • Drug Dealing and Legitimate Self-Employment, Journal of Labor Economics, 20(3), 2002. PDF
  • Does Business Ownership Provide a Source of Upward Mobility for Blacks and Hispanics? inPublic Policy and the Economics of Entrepreneurship, 2004, MIT Press, eds Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Harvey S. Rosen. PDF, Book
  • Trends in Self-Employment among White and Black Men: 1910-1990, (with Bruce D. Meyer), Journal of Human Resources, Fall 2000. PDF

Recent Research on Technology and Education

  • The Effects of Home Computers on Educational Outcomes: Evidence from a Field Experiment with Community College Students (with Rebecca London). DOC
  • Are Computers Good for Children: The Effects of Home Computers on Educational Outcomes (with Daniel Beltran and Kuntal Das), 2010, Economic Inquiry. PDF
  • The Personal Computer and Entrepreneurship, Management Science, 2006, PDF
  • ICT Use in the Developing World: An Analysis of Differences in Computer and Internet Penetration, (with Menzie Chinn), Review of International Economics, 2010 PDF
  • The Effects of Home Computers on School Enrollment, Economics of Education Review, 2005 PDF
  • Explaining Differences in Access to Home Computers and the Internet: A Comparison of Latino Groups to Other Ethnic and Racial Groups," Electronic Commerce Research, 2007 PDF
  • The Determinants of the Global Digital Divide: A Cross-Country Analysis of Computer and Internet Penetration (with Menzie Chinn), Oxford Economic Papers, 2007 PDF
  • Race and the Digital Divide, Berkeley Electronic Journals, Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy, 2004 PDF
  • Private Schools and "Latino Flight" from Black Schoolchildren, 2002 Demography. PDF
  • Does Immigration Induce "Native Flight" from Public Schools into Private Schools? (with Julian R. Betts), Journal of Public Economics, 2003. PDF
  • Is There "White Flight" into Private Schools? Evidence from the National Educational Longitudinal Survey (with Alex M. Resch), Review of Economics and Statistics, 2002 PDF

Recent Research on Labor

  • Last Hired, First Fired? Black-White Unemployment and the Business Cycle, 2008, Demography (with Ken Couch) PDF
  • Can the “one-drop rule” tell us anything about racial discrimination? New evidence from the multiple race question on the 2000 Census, Labour Economics, 2009PDF

Recent Research in Other Areas

  • An Extension of the Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition Technique to Logit and Probit Models, Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, 2005 PDF
  • Race, Ethnicity and the Dynamics of Health Insurance Coverage, (with Rebecca London), Research in Labor Economics, 2009, 29: 335-373 PDF
  • Economic Conditions, Parental Job Loss, and Children’s Living Arrangements" (with Rebecca London), for Economic Challenges, Policy Changes, and Poverty, eds. Rebecca Blank, Sheldon Danzinger, and Robert Schoeni, New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2006. PDF
  • Who is at Risk of Losing and Gaining Health Insurance (with Rebecca London), forthcoming in Industrial Relations, 2008. PDF

Earlier Research on All Topics - Selected Articles

  • Recent Trends in Ethnic and Racial Self-Employment, Small Business Economics, 2004. PDF
  • Earnings Growth among Young Less-Educated Business Owners, Industrial Relations, 2004.PDF
  • Do Family Caps Reduce Out-of-Wedlock Births? Evidence from Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey and Virginia (with Wendy Dyer), Population Research and Policy Review, 2004.PDF
  • The Long-Term Costs of Job Displacement among Young Workers (with Lori G. Kletzer), Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2003. PDF
  • The Absence of the African-American Owned Business: An Analysis of the Dynamics of Self-Employment, Journal of Labor Economics, 1999. PDF
  • The Emergence, Persistence, and Recent Widening of the Racial Unemployment Gap, (with William A. Sundstrom), Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 1999. PDF
  • The Effect of Incremental Benefit Levels on Births to AFDC Recipients, (with Rebecca A. London), Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 1997. PDF
  • Does Immigration Hurt African-American Self-Employment?, (with Bruce D. Meyer) in Help or Hindrance? The Economic Implications of Immigration for African- Americans, eds., Daniel S. Hamermesh and Frank D. Bean, New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1998. PDF
  • The Racial Unemployment Gap in Long-Run Perspective, (with William A. Sundstrom), American Economic Review, 1997. PDF
  • Explaining Ethnic, Racial, and Immigrant Differences in Private School Attendance, (with Julian R. Betts), Journal of Urban Economics, 2001.PDF
  • Jobs Lost, Jobs Regained: An Analysis of Black/White Differences in Job Displacement in the 1980s, (with Lori G. Kletzer), Industrial Relations, 1998.PDF
  • Ethnic and Racial Self-Employment Differences and Possible Explanations, (with Bruce D. Meyer), Journal of Human Resources, PDF.
  • Ethnic and Racial Entrepreneurship: A Study of Historical and Contemporary Differences, Garland Publishing, Book Description